Creator of V.I.P. School of Music


Maria Connors is a Music Educator, Music Producer, Songwriter, and Multi-instrumentalist from San Diego. She has been teaching and performing  music for over 20 years, giving her students an education in music theory, performance, and songwriting. Over the years Maria has been an instructor for California Music Studios, Lakeside Middle School, and Riverview Elementary School. She acted as Director of Music Education for Staump Productions from 2008 to 2014, developing a music program that became a profound part of the community.

Maria is continuously working to create an innovative, challenging, and inspiring environment for her students to discover, create, and learn about the language of music.

Private lessons are available for piano, guitar, trumpet, violin, voice, saxophone, music theory, songwriting, and artist development. She offers lessons for all ages, and all levels of skill.
If interested in joining the program please call Maria at
619-388-9867, or email at to schedule an appointment.