“I cannot say enough about Maria. My children have been blessed to have her as their music teacher for nearly 4 years now. She is a gifted teacher and an equally gifted musician. She is energetic, positive, caring, fun and creative. She engages her students and keeps them challenged. My children look forward to their weekly lessons and are sad to miss them. I would refer anyone looking for a music teacher her way. Maria is a great musician and is a joy to watch perform. Above all of these talents, however, is her heart to gold. She sincerely cares for her students and their families. She is truly an amazing woman who shares her gifts and talents freely.”
​- Kelly

“Maria has been teaching my son for several years and now has my daughter as a student. Her passion and commitment to teaching her gift of music to others is a gift to all. I have watched my kids welcome and embrace music into their lives with a vision for the future. Maria has become family to all of us. Thank You Maria!”
“Maria was my vocal teacher for two years and I don’t know if I could have found anyone more passionate about music than her. She’s so talented and insightful. Without her challenging me to do better and believing in me, I wouldn’t be where I am today. She’s a great mentor and a great friend!”
“Maria Connors was teaching my daughter for 2 years already and her ability and flexibility in handling students are highly commendable. Her selfless devotion of teaching music profession makes her different from others when it comes to proper systematic approach, makes it easier to students learn all the musically sensitive techniques of music. Her music credential is outstanding and excellent, teaching her students to be more acquainted and familiarization of the music school program.”
​- Alita
“My son Dominic loves it! Maria is so good with the kids and motivates them in a kind way. She even encouraged my son to start writing his own music!”
“I met Maria through West Hills High School because once a year she comes and teaches Mr. L’s music classes. Shortly after that, I became her student. I was in 9th grade then, I am now in 12th grade. Maria truly has opened my mind and infinitely continues to, with her divine level of commitment, creativity, and awareness. With her incredible talents, she opens eyes to the beautiful language of music. Maria is such a blessing in my life, and ALWAYS strives with righteousness. The genuineness she shows is felt by anyone who has ever met Maria. She brings light and love to people all around her.”

“A good teacher will give her students the best of what she has generously and will make sure to make the student believe that there is a world out there to conquer with music. I have associated with Maria for past 2 years and she had helped me see within and give shape to my music. She is my mentor and a co-artist, who is always evolving and takes along everyone on her journey of creativity. Her energy encourages me to rethink and improvise my art. So glad to have known you and I hope to continue to grow as an artist with you. Thanks for being there for us. There is no teacher like Maria. She is a friend, mentor who walks the journey with you. She will hold your back while pushing u over the limits to find new places urself in music. U r lucky to have found her! Go VIP!”
“My son started piano/keyboard with Maria at 4 1/2 years old. He is now almost 9! Maria offered to take Konnor as her student when other music schools told me he was too young. Not only has she taught one of my sons, but also my youngest who is now 6yrs old. Maria is a great teacher, patient, multi-talented and completely passionate about music and teaching. She is great with the younger kids and has a way of connecting with them. Not only is Maria a music teacher, but she is a part of our family. She has watched my kids grow and has taught them SO MUCH! We are so glad to have found her!!”
“Having been a student of maria’s for several years I’m confident when I say, look no further for a music teacher. Maria is the whole package. Whether it’s singing, playing a wide variety of instruments, composing, site reading, recording, you name it, and Maria will teach you and excel you. She has killer enthusiasm and is able to adapt to all ages and learning styles. The vibe is always positive with her and you really get that one on one connection. Highly recommended!!!”
“I’ve grown up with Maria and been there through all her training in Music. This girl is not only talented herself in multiple instruments including piano and guitar (many more), but she is wonderful with children, teens, and adults alike, she makes learning fun, teaches confidence as well as music, and is a true friend to all she meets. She will brighten your day. Highly recommend her!!
If you are looking for a wonderful music lesson studio, this is the place!! Highly recommend this place!!”
“I’ve been taking lessons from Maria Connors for 7 years! She is the best teacher I have ever had! She’s so passionate about not only music but the students she teaches! She’ll do everything she can to help a student accomplish there dreams! She’s taught me to play guitar, sing, perform like a rockstar, write music, and is now helping me record my own song! If your looking for an awesome music teacher you’ve found her!”
– Ariel

“Maria, you have done a fantastic job working with our daughter Autumn. You even got her out of her shell and up on stage! You are a great music teacher and a wonderful mentor! Thank you!”
“Not only is Maria a wonderful music teacher she is an amazing person! She truly cares about her students and strives to bring out their very best. Through her love and support I watched my son grow as a musician. She gave him the support he needed and helped him find his confidence to start singing, now he’s a front man in a band. Thank you Maria!”
“Maria is an amazing teacher and musician who always goes above and beyond to support you. Couldn’t ask for a better teacher and person!”​
“World class music teacher right here in El Cajon!”
“Maria is an incredibly talented musician and teacher!! I have personally learned tons from her over the last few years, she makes learning music fun and easy. If you are looking for a music teacher, you’ve found your girl! (: and she teaches like everything! You won’t be let down I promise! MARIA IS THE BEST TEACHER EVER!!!!!!”


“Maria is a great & amazing teacher & mentor to my kids. She is also very patient with them. She has been my son’s music teacher since he was 4y/o, that was 6 yrs ago & my son has grown so much with his music since then. And now my daughter is also getting music lessons from her. She is like a family to us. We trust her with our kids.”

“Excellent mentor who is passionate about her pupils and invested in their success and continued interest in the Arts. Maria is skilled in multiple instruments and imparts/instills her love of music craft to everyone who encounters her. She is truly vested and a mistress of her craft!”